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3G Shield with camera (OV7670)

3G Shield with camera (OV7670)

LE 1,600.00

The 3G shield will turn your  Arduino or Raspberry Pi into smartphone device. The 3G shield kit includes video camera (OV7670) for video telephony features. The communication module is specially oriented to work with Internet service implementing internally several application layer protocols which make easier to send the information to the cloud.

The 3G shield is using Simcom SIM5216 series Multi Band HSDPA/WCDMA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE module solution which supports HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps for data transfer. We can make HTTP and HTTPS (secure mode) navigation, downloading and uploading content to a web server. 

Other interesting accessories which can be connected to the module are  an audio components including microphone, speaker, hands free and headphones sets and a SD socket to save directly all the data coming from the 3G network or recorded from the video camera. You can even reproduce audio files stored in the SD card (like a mp3 player!). You can also use it as a standard 3G modem at full speed just connecting it through its specific mini-USB socket to your laptop (Linux, Windows, MacOS)

The 3G shield has wide range of rich application features such as supporting embedded LUA script, or TCP/ UDP/ FTP/ HTTP/ HTTPS/ SMTP/ POP3/ MMS and other software features, provide customers with worldwide interactivity projects inside the "Internet of Things" era. 



  • 3G module SIM5216.
  • Support 3G communication.
  • Support Video camera OV7670 for video telephony.
  • Support Micro SD card, SIM card, speaker, microphone
  • Fully compatible with Arduino.
  • Can be controlled via AT Command.
  • Input Voltage:DC 7-23V.
  • Dimension:86mm x 57.1mm.

Note on Power Supply

Make sure add using Future Electronics  9V 2A Charger for power supply for your Arduino board, as the power supply must be able to provide sufficient current up to 2A. The USB port can not supply such a large current.

Package Includes:

  • 3G shield
  • Simcom SIM5216 module
  • External Flat Antenna
  • Video Camera module OV7670
  • Camera Cable

3G shield user manual

3G shield Arduino code examples 

3G module series SIM5216 datasheet & application notes