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Soil Humidity / Moisture Sensor (New Type - Capacitive Sensor)

Soil Humidity / Moisture Sensor (New Type - Capacitive Sensor)

LE 560.00



A soil moisture sensor can read the amount of moisture present in the soil surrounding it. It is ideal for monitoring garden, or your plant's water level. This is a must have tool for a connected garden.

This new type capacitive soil humidity sensor differs from other resistive sensors, adopting capacitive sensing principle to detect soil humidity. Since the circuit is not exposed at the detected end, the corrosion problem of sensor is avoided, increasing the sensor operating life and measurments accuracy.

The built-in chip supports 3.3~5.5V working environment, Arduino, ESP32, micro:bit and controller. As to mini PC, you need an ADC module (analog signals are converted into signals).


  • Working voltage:  3.3 -5 V
  • Working Current: <5ma
  • Output: Analog signal
  • Output voltage signal: 0~3V
  • Working Temperature: 1℃~50℃
  • Size: 23.8mm x 83mm
  • Arduino compatible interface
  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity



​Soil humidity Moisture Sensor Arduino Code and connections



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