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ATMEGA128A-AU (8-bit AVR 64pin-16 MHz)

ATMEGA128A-AU (8-bit AVR 64pin-16 MHz)

LE 70.00

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  • ATmega128 is an AVR, 8-bit low power microcontroller that contains 64-pin interface and is based on RISC architecture.
  • It is mainly used in an embedded system and industrial automation.
  • This AVR controller differs from PIC controllers in accordance with the instruction set where AVR requires one clock cycle to execute a number of instructions while PIC controllers need a number of clock cycles to execute a single instruction.
  • The ADC is included in the device that makes it an ideal choice for sensor interfacing where it receives the analog signal and converts it to a digital one. There are total 8 channels available on the ADC module.
  • Apart from communications protocols like SPI, I2C, and USRAT, this tiny module comes with watchdog timers, external interrupts, power up timer, 6 sleep modes and programming enable pin.
  • The Program Memory is based on Flash and comes with a memory space around 128K while EEPROM and SRAM are 4K each.
  • If you are an expert or newbie, you need this module every now and then for the development of the electronic projects where automation is a major concern. Ability to perform a number of functions without buying external components makes this device highly economical and best choice for the tech geeks.

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