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10 DOF IMU (L3G4200D+ADXL345+HMC5883L+BMP085)

10 DOF IMU (L3G4200D+ADXL345+HMC5883L+BMP085)

LE 160.00

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This board combines 5 sensors into a single tiny package. Convenient to experiment with different sensors or used together as an inertial management unit. They are all accessible via I2C bus.

Sensors included on the board

  • L3G4200D (3-Axis Angular Rate Sensor)
  • ADXL345 (3-Axis Digital Accelerometer)
  • HMC5883L (3-Axis Digital Compass)
  • BMP085 (Barometric Pressure Sensor)

It comes with straight and right angle pin headers.

How to Connect and Test

All  sensors are accessible via I2C bus for basic operation so you will only need 4 wires to get started:

  • GND - Ground
  • Supply voltage. the Imu is 5v and 3.3v compatible. Use one of the following depending on your interface voltage:
  • VCC -           For +5v power.    If using with boards such as an Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Micro, Mega.
  • VCC_3.3v - For +3.3v power. If using with boards such as an Arduino Due.
  • SCL - I2C Clock
  • SDA - I2C Data

The quickest way to verify your board is connected properly is running the following I2C scanner program. This simple sketch will print the I2C address of all discovered devices to the serial monitor.



Arduino code for the whole IMU sensor

Arduino code for each sensor in the board

How to use the IMU sensor with Raspberry





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