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4 Axis Stepper Motor Driver (3.5 A)

4 Axis Stepper Motor Driver (3.5 A)

LE 1,060.00

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Product Description

This stepper motor driver can drive up to 4 stepper motors with 3.5 A peak current for each motor. It is also equipped with spindle relay output and can handle a spindle. It has micro-stepping capability up to 1/16 micro-step.

The driver is integrated with break output board (so you do not need one) and can be connected directly to the parallel  port. In addition it has a manual control port interface for manual control of your motors.  

The 4 axis driver uses Toshiba TB6560AHQ chip and equiped with optical isolation with dc-dc power supply isolation for full protection. Finally, this driver is compatible with most parallel software MACH3, KCAM4 etc!


  • Toshiba TB6560AHQ chip - High power, maximum 3.5A drive current chipset !
  • Number of motors :                       4 motors
  • Maximum current per motor:        1.5 :  3.5 A  (Adjustable)
  • Voltage range:                               12: 36 V
  • Support four microstepping 1、1/2、1/8、1/16; for higher accuracy and smooth operation
  • Overload, over-current and over-temperature safety 
  • Relay spindle interface - Outputs Max. 36V 7.5A for spindle motors or coolant pump (only one device can be powered by this output!)
  • Bipolar constant current chopper drive with non-resonant region - Controls motors smoothly through range without creep effect !

Voltage Selection

12-16V DC power supply for Nema 17 stepper motors
16-24V DC power supply for Nema 23 stepper motors
24-36V DC power supply for Nema 34 stepper motors

Ampertage Selection
Output current = Rated current of your stepper motors * Number of Motors + 2A
(For example, if you want to drive 4 * 3A Nema 23 stepper motors, theoretically 24V 15A DC power supply is recommended).

 4 Axis stepper motor driver manual




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