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4 chennel wifi relay module (Iot)

4 Channel WIFI Relay Module 5V

LE 220.00

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This is a four channel WiFi module equipped with an ESP-01 (ESP8266) WiFi module (8 bit MCU). This MCU is capable of controlling each relay individually at any time with some simple coding. By using a WiFi relay phone application, the user could control the relays from anywhere in the world by Android phone APP within the local area network (LAN) as long there is Internet connectivity!

The module has two working mode. (Mode-1) cellphone carry on wifi module directly. In this mode the working distance is less than 100 m in outdoor environment. (Mode-2) cellphone and wifi module carry on router together. In this mode the signal transmission distance depends on router signal.


  • On board high quality MCU and ESP-01WIFI module
  • Voltage supply: DC 5V
  • Working status LED indicator
  • 4 optical coupler isolators and strong anti-interference ability
  • 4 DC Songle relays 220V,10A/250V AC 10A/30V
  • Easy to use for Iot applications


4 Channel WIFI Relay Module user manual

4 Channel WIFI Relay Module android software application and setup procedures

4 Channel WIFI Relay Module wiring diagram

4 Channel WIFI Relay Module product page



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