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6DOF Robot Arm with Gripper and Controller

6DOF Robot Arm with Gripper and Controller

LE 3,900.00

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Product Description

This low cost 6 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm is made from 3mm thick aluminum sheet and uses 6 servos:   4x DGServo S06NF STD servos for the base and the arm and The 2x DGServo S05NF STD micro servos operate the wrist and gripper. 

 The robot arm is mainly 390 mm in length, use 32-way controller to control the operation of arm action, the controllers use atmega168 MCU, and computer RS232 COM communications. The controller can control  up to 32 servo.

With careful programming, one can accurately position this robotic arm to perform various complicated movements in continuation. The Robot Arm is suitable for individual development and schools laboratories.


  • 6 Degrees of freedom robotic arm
  • Length: 390mm
  • Made from 3mm thick aluminum sheet
  • Wonderful mechanical structure, and control system
  • A serial interface and PC software included
  • Suitable for individual development and school competition
  • Requires an external 4.5V to 6V power supply for the servomotors

​Package Includes:

  • 6 DOF robot Arm (assembeled)
  • Controller unit
  • Control software CD
  • ​Cables

​For 6 DOF robot arm manual and how to use, please click here



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