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7" Colored TFT Touch LCD Module

7" Colored TFT Touch LCD Module

LE 660.00

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Product Description

This is a 7 inch TFT LCD Screen Module with 65K color and 800 x 400 Resolution. It also include the Touch , SD card and Flash design. So it’s a powerful extension module for your project.

The LCD has 65K color 800 x 480 resolutions with touch screen and SD card. The controller of this LCD module is SSD1963, it supports 16bit data interface with 4 wires control interface. and easy to drive by many MCU like STM32 ,AVR and 8051 or arduino.

The 7 Inch TFT layout includes a 40 pins interface for your project , the interface include LCD bus, SD card bus, Touch screen bus and the Flash bus.

We have TFT Arduino MEGA shield (recommand), you can directly plug this TFT LCD module in the shield and stand on the Arduino Mega board.


There is a very excellent and powerful enhance Graphic library which written by Henning Karlsen Fully compatible with TFT LCD module and TFT Arduino Shield. The library is quite a bit faster, and also include more functions. Please reference post from here.

Download TFT01-7 Material

Download SSD1289 Datasheet

UTFT Library thanks Henning Karlsen



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