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Arduino ADK for Android Cell Phone Applications

Arduino ADK for Android Cell Phone Applications

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What is Arduino ADK (Android Development Kit)?

The Arduino ADK is a combination of hardware and software designed to help people interested in designing accessories for Android devices. This Android device could be your Android cell phone or Android tablet.

Simply, the Android accessory could be any sensor or actuator you want it to be attached and controlled by your Android cell phone. You can create an application program that read sensor data or move a servo or even control your house light using your android cell phone.

The Mega ADK board is a derivative of the Arduino Mega 2560. The modified Mega 2560 board includes a USB host chip. This host chip allows any USB device to connect to the Arduino. During Google’s 2011,  Google introduced a board  based on the Arduino Mega 2560 which includes this USB host. A new USB library was introduced, enabling data to be sent and received from any external devices.  Any devices with OS 3.1 and later can use the USB port to connect to accessories. App makers can freely use it in their development. This library has been included in 2.3.4, and some devices have been reported to work with 2.3.3.

Application Ideas for Arduino ADK 

  • Develop accessories for Android (v2.3.4 and above) devices using ADK and enable Android devices interact with external world (sensors and actuators)
  • For Android devices not supporting ADK, use MicroBridge to develop accessories.
  • On board USB host makes it easy to interact with USB devices like pen drivers, keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth .

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