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BLEDUINO (Bluetooth BLE4 + Arduino UNO R3)

BLEDUINO (Bluetooth BLE4 + Arduino UNO R3)

LE 310.00

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BLEDuino integrates both arduino uno R3 and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4 in one board. Now you add the power of wireless BLE 4.0 to Arduino.  Real time low energy communication made easy than before.

It can be used as master or slave with its transmission range about 35 meter. It supports HID (human interface device) with your PC, AT command for changing bluetooth setting and you can also upgrade the BLE  firmware.

The BLEDuino is fully compatible with UNO R3, which means that any project you made with Uno can go wireless with no modifications. Moreover, an open source application for Android was developed so you can use directly or modify according to your application. 


  • Transmission range: more than 35m
  • Support Bluetooth HID
  • On-board BLE chip: TI CC2540
  • Support AT command to config the BLE
  • master-slave one, arbitrary switching
  • Easy to use BLE firmware updating
  • Microcontroller: Atmega328
  • Bootloader: Arduino Uno
  • Compatible with the Arduino Uno pin mapping
  • DC Supply: USB Powered or External 7V~12V DC


  • POS system, Bluetooth keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
  • Industrial remote control, telemetry
  • Automotive testing equipment
  • Portable, battery-powered medical equipment
  • Automated data collection
  • Bluetooth remote control robot
  • Wireless LED Display System between devices.
  • Bluetooth Printer
  • Smart home, industrial control


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