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Color Sensor (Water Proof-High Performance)

Color Sensor (Water Proof-High Performance)

LE 385.00

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Product Description

This is a high performance color sensor made by Atlas Scientific. Atlas improved common flaws in this color sensor by embedding the light sensor in a rugged housing below a layer of transparent epoxy which protects the sensor from moisture while still allowing light to get in.

The resulting light probe is water- and dust-proof, sleet and ice tolerant, non reactive in salt water and will readily sink when submerged.

On top of all that, it provides both RGB level (in 8-bit RGB format) and light intensity (in lux) as simple comma separated strings over RS-232. The result is a color sensor that can detect RGB level without comlications

Color light sensors are great devices for everything from environmental sensors to general robotics. They can be used to monitor slowly changing events like algae blooms or leaf death, or to determine light absorption through a medium. 


  • R,G,B data is in true 8-bit RGB format from 0-255
  • light intensity is output in lux (lx)
  • Lux given for R ,G and B as well as full spectrum Lux
  • RGB color data and lx can be output simultaneously
  • lx range from 0- 3,235 lux
  • Light saturation indicator if lx is over 3,235
  • Three different output modes: RGB only-Lx only-RGB and lx
  • Data output is a single comma separated string
  • Simple RS-232 connectivity (voltage swing 0-VCC)
  • Harsh environment ready: NEMA 6P and IP 68 rated (water and dust proof)
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 Celsius to +85 Celsius
  • Simple instruction set consisting of only 5 commands
  • Reading time: 620ms
  • Wide operating voltage range: 3.1V to 5.5V
  • Shock resistant to 16 mega Pascals




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