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DC 12V to AC 220V/110V – 150W Inverter Module

DC 12V to AC 220V/110V – 150W Inverter Module

LE 380.00

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Inverter is a device that convert DC current (usually from battery or solar cell) to AC current or city current (usually 220V). This inverter module receives 12V DC input and invert it to alternative current or city current (AC) at 220, 200, 172,110, 90, 62, 45, 28v ac level.


  • Power: 150W
  • Input voltage: DC12V
  • Output voltage: AC 0-110V-172V-200V-220V
  • Quiescent current: about 0.05A
  • Output waveform: high frequency square wave
  • Output frequency: about 20KHZ

Important notes 

  • The board belongs to high frequency square AC output; it is not suitable for the inductive appliance that have electric motors.
  • When work for a long time under large load, suggest to enhance heat dissipation
  • Power supply and wire should have large enough current
  • Do not overload and short-circuit
  • The number in measured by the output high frequency non-load voltage meter will be a little higher (square wave)



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