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Drive Gear for Extruder (Copper)

Drive Gear for Extruder (Copper)

LE 35.00

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This extrusion guide gear for 1.75mm filament. The filament drive gear works together with our extruder. Wire-electrode cutting can last life time of your 3d printer.

  • Material:                Copper
  • Diameter:              11mm
  • Height:                  11mm
  • Inner Diameter:     5mm
  • Number of teeth:   40

What does the Drive Gear/Wheel Do?

The drive gear is the part of the extruder that grabs the filament and pushes it down through the extruder.

When you make things with your Replicator, small pieces of hardened plastic can stick to the drive gear and eventually clog it so it can't grab onto the filament. If you are having problems with your extruder, cleaning the drive gear might help.




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