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Extra High Torque Metal Gear Servo (40Kg.cm) with Metal Arm

Extra High Torque Metal Gear Servo (40Kg.cm) with Metal Arm

LE 495.00

This is high quality heavy duty metal gear servo motor that can handle torque up to 40 kg.cm.  This servo enjoy powerful torque, accurate positioning and high reliability. It is also free of random vibrations that may occur to high torque motors, we have tested it ourself in future electronics lab!. It is really powerful and reliable servo motor. Please watch our video below.

Metals gears guarantee handling high loads without mechanical failure and ensure reliability. This servo is used for heavy loads applications such as big robot arm or moving large surfaces with high weight or motion resistance



Voltage:              6 -7.2V

Speed:             0.2 sec/60degree (6v),   0.18 sec/60degree (7.2v)

Torque:            33.5 kg.cm (6v), 40 kg.cm (7.2v)

Dimensions:   60.1*30.1*59.7mm

Weight:             177 g

Horn Kit:          one metal arm servo horn - one enforced plastic servo horn - 4 servo mounting                                      screws, 4 rubber vibration absorbers for servo mounting


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