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L6203 (5A Stepper/DC Driver)

L6203 (5A Stepper/DC Driver)

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Product Description

The L6203 is 5A and up to 48V driver. You can use it to driver your stepper or dc motor.  The L6203 is a full-bridge driver consisting of four MOSFET power transistors which allows it to handle high power switching applications.  The L6203 also includes  which will choke the current to a lower level if the chip overheats, including total thermal shut-down at 150 deg C. 

The L6203 includes a current sense pin. It is a TTL compatible drive, so you can use it easily with microcontroller or Arduino


  • Supply voltage up to 48V
  • 5A MAX peak current 
  • Total RMS current up to: 4A
  • Cross conduction protection
  • TTL compatible drive
  • Operating frequency up to 100 KHz
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Internal logic supply
  • High efficiency

L6203 motor driver datasheet

This an excellent application notes on stepper motor driving by STelectronics



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