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Line Tracing Robot

Line Tracing Robot

LE 210.00

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The line tracing car V2 from Dagu, has a linear tracking feature that allows the car to identify and follow black line drawn by the user. The robot uses two infrared sensors for tracing the black track. The two motors are activated by the infrared sensors. Just draw black line on white background and the car will follow the black line route. Please check our video below.

The line tracing robot uses very simple circuit for motor driving and line tracing, yet it works very well. The circuit is built using Quad 2 Input NAND gate and 74HC00. The gear set are open so you can see the operation of the gear train which is perfect for learning how a gearbox works. 

The complete kit is very good for learning electronic, mechanics, sensors and motors principles. It comes with detailed and simple instructions manual. 


  • Power source: 3V (2 x AA batteries required)
  • Power consumption: 100mA, MIN: 60mA
  • Size: 140 x 125 x 40mm
  • Weight: 170g




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