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MPX10DP Differential Pressure Sensor

MPX10DP Differential Pressure Sensor

LE 300.00

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The MPX10DP is a low cost differential pressure sensor from NXP. It provides a very accurate and linear voltage output, directly proportional to the applied pressure. The potential difference (voltage) between these terminals corresponds to the differential pressure applied on the component, and ranges from 20 to 55 mV corresponding to 0 to 10kpa.

For achieving higher resolution and better accuracy voltage, an instrumentation amplifier, such as INA118P or INA125 or HX711can be used. Here is an example of signal conditioning circuit.


  • Rated maximum pressure difference: 10Kpa
  • Voltage supply: 3:6V
  • Analog output range: 20: 55mV
  • Maximum Offset: 20mV (analog reading at zero pressure difference – must be compensated)


  • Air movement control
  • Environmental control systems
  • Leak detection
  • Medical instrumentation


MPX10DP Differential Pressure Sensor Datasheet

Analog differential Pressure Sensor application notes and signal conditioning circuit example



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