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Programmable USB Wireless Module (Wixel) - Robot Remote Control

Programmable USB Wireless Module (Wixel) - Robot Remote Control

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Want to have a two-way wireless capability to your project that is not expensive and have endless options at the same time.The Wixel is great product from Polulo. It is a general-purpose programmable module that includes a 2.4 GHz radio, programable microcontroller and USB.  We -Future Electronics Egypt- love it.

You can use Wixel not only as a programmable 2.4 GHz wireless radio transceiver, but also as a controller at the same time. In addition, it has a USB port allowing easy connection to pc. Small size and weight make it ideal for remote control of your robot.

The Wixel is based on the CC2511F32 microcontroller from Texas Instruments, which has an integrated radio transceiver, 32 KB of flash memory, 4 KB of RAM. A total of 15 general-purpose I/O lines are available and the 0.1" pin spacing makes the Wixel easy to use with breadboards. 

Main Features

  • Full-speed USB
  • 2.4 GHz Radio with 256 available channels that can be configured dynamically
  • Programmable through USB bootloader (no external programmer required)
  • Pre-compiled, open-source apps available
  • Wixel free SDK (software development kit) for developing your own applications in C using open source tools and libraries
  • 0.1" pin spacing (compatible with standard breadboards)
  •  3 indicator LEDs
  • 15 user I/O lines, featuring 6 analog inputs, 2 USARTs (for serial or SPI), and 7 timer channels (capable of PWM)
  • 4 KB of RAM and 29 KB of application program memory (flash)
  • Comprehensive user’s guide

Dimensions: 0.7" × 1.5" (17.78mm x 38.1mm)

Note: The Wixel comes with break-away headers that can be soldered to the board.

Download user guide manual in pdf format or HTML page

This is a good instructable shows you a step by step how to use Wixel

Wixel applications examples, please click here




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