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Raspberry Pi 3 Modle B

Raspberry Pi 3 Modle B

LE 1,250.00

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What are the new features that make Rapberry Pi 3 superior to Rapberry Pi 2 ?! The answer is summarized in 2 main features:

1- Raspberry Pi 3 has built in (on board) WiFi and Bluetooth (low power or BLE).

2- The Raspberry Pi 3 new next generation processor with a speed of 1.2 Ghz is much faster than        Rapberry Pi 2 with a speed of 900 Mhz.

The Pi 3 keeps the same shape, connectors, and mounting holes as the Pi 2. 40-pin GPIO header on the Pi gives you access to 27 GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI as well as 3.3 and 5V sources. Each pin on the GPIO header is identical to its predecessor the Pi 2. It still can run using  Linux or Windows 10 (free-of-charge) operating systems

Raspberry Pi 3 specifications and benchmark

Quickstart Guide and Videos 

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Creating a Boot Card




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