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TB6560AHQ (Toshiba Stepper Driver-3.5A)

TB6560AHQ (Toshiba Stepper Driver-3.5A)

LE 230.00

Product Description

The TB6560AHQ is a stepping motor driver IC designed for sinusoidal-input microstep control of bipolar stepping motors.The TB6560AHQ is capable of low-vibration, high performance forward and reverse driving of a two-phase bipolar stepping motor using only a clock signal. 

The TB6560AHQ is used in our  3.5 stepper motor driver module and also our 3 axis stepper motor driver


  • Bipolar stepper motor driver
  • Supply Voltage : up to 40V
  • Rated current: 3A/phase
  • Peak Current: 3.5A
  • Micro-stepping capability
  • Forward and reverse rotation

Toshiba TB6560AHQ datasheet



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