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Temperature Sensor Module

Temperature Sensor Module

LE 25.00

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The temperature sensor Grove uses a thermositer which returns the surrounding temperature in the form of a resistance value (As the temperature increases, the resistance value of the sensor decreases), which is then used to alter Vcc (5V).   

This voltage value measured by an analog input pin is then converted to a temperature with simple calculations. The operating range is -40 to 125 degrees Celsius, with an accuracy of ±1.5ºC. 

How To use Temperature Sensor

1) Harware:  there are 4 pins

  • GND:   For ground connection 
  • VCC:   5V supply
  • NC:     Not used
  • SIG:    Output signal (voltage level)

2) Temperature Calculations

Connect GND pin to ground, VCC to 5V and measure the Voltage signal on SIG pin. This measured Voltage level is used to calculate temperature as follows:

a = (measured voltage in mv)/ 4.9

B = 3975




How To use Temperature Sensor with Arduino

Connect SIG pin to pin A0 on Arduino Uno, GND to GND and VCC to 5 V on Arduino, upload the following code:

Download Temperature Sensor Arduino Code 

open the serial monitor window in the Arduino IDE, and you should be presented with a box similar to this:




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