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Ultrasonic Sensor (Range Finder)

Ultrasonic Sensor (Range Finder)

LE 45.00

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Product Description

This is an ultrasonic range finder module. It can be used to detect object and calculate its distance up to 5 meters. It is a low cost ultrasonic module with excellent performance. Can be used with arduino or pic microcontroller.


  • Distance (Range): 2cm - 500cm
  • Working Voltage : 5V(DC)
  • Working Current : max 15 ma
  • Working frequency : 40HZ
  • Output Signal : 0-5V (Output high when obstacle in range)
  • Sensor Angle : max 15 degree
  • Accuracy : 0.3cm

Theory of operation

  1. Send 12us pulse to pin Trig, to start measurement
  2. The ultra sonic module will automatically send eight 40khz square waves, automatically detects whether there is a reflect signal
  3. When there is an reflect signal back, the Echo pin will output a high level, the duration of the high-level signal is the time (Techo) from untral sonic launch to return.

As a result, the Measured distance = (Techo * (Sound speed (340M/S))) / 2;

For ultrasonic sensor arduino library, please click here

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For details on how to use with arduino and pic microcontroller, please click here




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