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USB-to-FIFO Parallel Interface Module (FT245)

USB-to-FIFO Parallel Interface Module (FT245)

LE 95.00

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This module is usb to FIFO parallel (8 bit) interface. It is based on FDI famous IC FT245RL. This FIFO module gives the user 8 I/O pins for parallel reading and writing. It can be used for many applications, basically it enables easy use of USB without any knowledge of the of USB itself or its complexity.

The module connects by 2 signals directly to USB connector, while on the application side provides 8 bidirectional signals plus flow control signals. The module is capable of data transfer rates up to 1 MB/sec. In addition it supports external EEPROM memory and internal oscillator.

There is a jumper used for selecting VCC output level provided on the board (5 or 3.3 v) and The PWR LED is used for checking whether the module is power supplied.


According to FDI, these are all possible applications:

  • Upgrading Legacy Peripherals to USB
  • Cellular and Cordless Phone USB data transfer cables and interfaces
  • Interfacing MCU / PLD / FPGA based designs to USB
  • USB Audio and Low Bandwidth Video data transfer
  • PDA to USB data transfer
  • USB Smart Card Readers
  • USB Instrumentation
  • USB Industrial Control
  • USB MP3 Player Interface
  • USB FLASH Card Reader / Writers
  • Set Top Box PC - USB interface
  • USB Digital Camera Interface
  • USB Hardware Modems
  • USB Wireless Modems
  • USB Bar Code Readers
  • USB Software / Hardware Encryption Dongles

USB to FIFO manual 

FT245RL datasheet

FT245RL application notes



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