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Vibration and Shock Sensor

Vibration and Shock Sensor

LE 180.00

The vibration sensor is used for sensing the impact force, shocks and vibration. It has high vibration detection sensitivity while suppressing background sound signal which affect vibration sensors .

It is consists of piezoelectric element, spring oscillator, Sensitivity adjustment knob, and led. We can regulate the knob to adjust the sensitivity. For example when adjusting the knob clockwise, the sensitivity increases led will light while testing the certain scope shock.


  • Power requirements: DC 12v
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ 65℃
  • Dimensions:45mm*38mm*20mm

Pin Definition:

  • RED:  Power (12V)
  • White: output signal (to microcontroller / arduino)
  • Black:  Ground



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