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Wild Thumper 6WD (All Terrain Robot)

Wild Thumper 6WD (All Terrain Robot)

LE 1,820.00

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This is easily the most rugged robot chassis in its price range. Each of the six motors are mounted on independent suspension and outfitted with 34:1 steel gearboxes. The motors are wired together on a terminal strip inside the 2mm thick anodized metal frame and can be controlled on two channels (left and right).

 The entire chassis is perforated with 10mm pitched, 4mm diameter mounting holes and there is plenty of room interior to the chassis for batteries, drivers and other support hardware. The chassis comes with 6 x 120mm diameter off-road wheels.

This is a differential drive platform, meaning that a turn in accomplished by simply driving one side faster or slower than the other, or turning the two sides in opposite directions. 

 There is also a Wild Thumper motor controller listed below as well.

Dimensions: 420 x 300 x 130mm 


  • "Super Twist" suspension keeps all your tires on the ground even on rough terrain
  • Spiked 120mm off-road wheels 
  • 6 x 7.2v DC motors with 34:1 steel gearboxes
  • Made from sturdy 2mm thick plate aluminum

Assembly and Adjustment Guide

Datasheet (Motors)

Dimensional Drawing

Remote Control Tutorial




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