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Wireless Module Serial UART (200M Range-433 Mhz)

Wireless Module Serial UART (200M Range-433 Mhz)

LE 140.00

This is a serial UART wireless module, 200 m distance range and 433 Mhz frequency.This module is very similar to zigbee but much cheaper, we call it poor man Zigbee. It is easy to use with micro-controller/Arduino through TX and RX pins, just like Zigbee and using serial commands.

Also (like Zigbee) you can adjust the wireless module parameters (baud rate, channel, and power dBm) by connecting the module to pc usb port using our Zigbee-USB adapter and you can write the AT command using hyper-terminal

The wireless module is based on texas instrument CC1101 chip (check datasheet). It can work as one to many. We have worked out this wireless module with arduino and made a simple code.


  • One to many, works like walkie-talkie.
  • Serial UART, Can work directly with your Micro-controller or Arduino TX/RX 
  • TI cc1101 wireless transceiver plus LV-TTL UART interface. 100m open space wireless range. Half duplex operation.
  • Easy to use (as easy as Zigbee)
  • 3.3V-5V operation.can operate directly with USB power.
  • Default 9600 baud. Can operate at higher speed but with the expense of more error and shorter range. Baud rate/channel can be modified using specific AT command.
  • You can change the wireless module parameters (baud rate, channel, and power dBm) by AT command

Pin Definition

  1.  Power, 3.3 V to 5 V.  (this pin is marked by white square)
  2.  Gnd.
  3. RX (TTL)
  4. TX (TTL)
  5. PIN5 (High level enter AT control mode)

For serial UART wireless module manual and Arduino code, click here

Texas instrument CC1101 chip datasheet



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