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Zigbee Pro- 63 mw Wire Antenna Series2 (1.5 Km Distance)

Zigbee Pro- 63 mw Wire Antenna Series2 (1.5 Km Distance)

LE 420.00

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ZigBee is the latest, advanced wireless technology (Click here for comparison between Zigbee, Wifi, Bluetooth, GSM). Each Zigbee module is a transceiver that can transmit and receive data.

These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between micro-controllers, computers, systems. Zigbee Pro is specially sueful for Longer range commications

This module is a Zigbee pro module with the power of the 63mW and wire Antenna Series 2 version. The Digi part number is XBp24BZ7PIT-004. Its communication range is 300 meter indoors and 1500 meter outdoors (line of sight). The new Series 2 modules improve on the previous Series 1

Zigbee Series 2 improvement on series 1

  • 1-Increasing the power output up to 63mW in Boost Mode.
  • 2-Supporting single Zigbee to multi-Zigbee communication (mesh network) while series 1 support only single to single Zigbee communication.
  • 3- Various other improvements to the AT command set.

How to know if the Zigbee module is series 1 or series 2?

Series 1 Zigbee modules start with part number XB24-A or XBP24-A and equipped with Free Scale IC while series 2 equipped with Ember IC

Tips for using Zigbee Module

1-To set up your XBee you will need to download the X-CTU tool, Please click here 

2- one of the devices must be a Coordinator and the other must be a Router (an 'endpoint' device). 

3-  Series 1 and Series 2 XBee modules have the same pin-out. However, Series 1 modules cannot communicate with Series 2 modules.

XTCU software user guide manual

Zigbee datasheet

Zigbee examples from Digi International

Zigbee detailed datasheet