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STM32 Mini Programmer & Debugger STLink V2.1

STM32 Mini Programmer & Debugger STLink V2.1

LE 440.00

STLINK V2.1 from Weact is a programmer module based on STM32F103CBT6 microcontroller, which is used for debugging and programming with STM32 series microcontrollers. STLINK V2.1 is a powerful debugging and programming tool for STM32 that makes the development of embedded applications much simpler and easier.

It supports a SWD debugging interface and connects to a computer via USB. STLINK V2.1 can be integrated with many debugging environments, such as Keil, IAR, STM32CubeIDE, etc. It also supports OpenOCD and can use GDB for command-line debugging.

STLINK V2.1 has good reliability and stability. It also has many useful features, such as debugging combined with firmware upgrade capabilities. In addition, STLINK V2.1 supports password protection, read/write protection, and hardware interface locking.


  • Wide Compatibility with Software Tools: including Arduino IDE, STM32CubeIDE, and Keil MDK
  • Debugging Interface: SWD, OpenOCD, GDB
  • Reliable Performance: STLINK V2.1 offers good reliability

Github STLINK V2.1 documentation



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