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Grow K202 + R503 DC12V Fingerprint Access Control Board with Relay

Grow K202 + R503 DC12V Fingerprint Access Control Board with Relay

LE 1,600.00

This Grow K202+R503 DC12V low power consumption ring fingerprint access control board is an all-in-one control board with the onboard STM8 microcontroller. This module can act as a standalone system for the fingerprint access control system, no need for Arduino or any other microcontroller.

The board comes with an onboard relay which is activated by the microcontroller when the fingerprint is detected. The delay time of the relay can be controlled by potentiometer which can be adjusted through 0.5 -13 seconds. It is easy to use and can be set and operated in few seconds with no need for codes or additional software.


You can use dust and rain resistant high quality and heavy duty Zink Alloy enclosure for protecting the fingerprint module and outdoor applications .


  • Stand-alone capacitive fingerprint access board with relay
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Capacity: 200 fingerprints
  • Resolution: 508 DPI
  • Sensing array: 192x192 pixels
  • Module size: 64.4*25.4mm

Package includes:

  • Fingerprint module R503
  • Fingerprint control board k202


Grow K202+R503 DC12V ring fingerprint access control Board instructions



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