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L9110 Dual Motor Driver (1A)

L9110 Dual Motor Driver (1A)

LE 60.00

This is dual channel dc motor driver module. It has 2 L9110 IC’s, so it can control 2 DC motors. The L9110 works with voltages from 2.5 to 12V and can give a continues current of 800mA, with a maximum peak current of 1.5-2A. More then enough for a small DC motor.

The board has 6 male pins and 2 double terminals. The motors connect to the 2 terminals.  The L9110 use only one voltage input for both motors and L9110 module logic. You only have to supply it one voltage (between 2.5 and 12V). 

The other 4 pins control the direction and speed of the motors. Pin IA1 and IB1 control motor A (speed and direction), and Pin IA2 and IB 2 control motor B (speed and direction). It can be used with Arduino or mico-controller to control your dc motor and change both direction and RPM.


  • Input voltage:                      2.5V~12V
  • Number of Channels:          2
  • Controls:                             RPM + Direction
  • Continuous Current:           800mA
  • Peak Current:                     2000mA
  • Dimension:                         26*27*15mm
  • Weight:                               11g

For L9110 dual driver manual and Arduino code, click here




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