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Sipeed Maixduino Kit RISC-V for AI, Deep Learning & IoT (Maixduino+ 2.4″ LCD + GC0328  Cam)

Sipeed Maixduino Kit RISC-V for AI, Deep Learning & IoT (Maixduino+ 2.4″ LCD + GC0328 Cam)

LE 3,000.00

Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and machine learning embedded applications need a powerful processing boards with special features. Sipeed Maixduino AI development kit With integrated Micropython is an excellent start . Unlike the conventional C or C++ seen in most hardware boards, the Maixduino integrates Micropython to make development smooth and straightforward.

At the heart of the Sipeed Maixduino platform is the AI chip K210, a dual-core RISC-V with an FPU. It serves as adual-core processing with independent FPU, 64-bit CPU and 8M in-built SRAM. It supports multiplication, division and square root operation. Chip K210 can perform operations such as convolution, batch normalization, activation and pooling. This module can realize face detection, voice, color and object recognition, MNIST handwritten digit recognition, feature map visualization, tiny yolov2 and so on.

Maixduino was designed in an Arduino Uno form factor, making the Arduino IDE and libraries support the Maix series of development boards (k210 chips), making it easy to use a large number of existing open source Arduino libraries for rapid development and prototyping


  • Digital Video Port (DVP) interface support
  • I2C, I2S, SPI and JTAG
  • Field Programmable IO Array (FPIOA/IOMUX)
  • Neural Network Processor (KPU)
  • Audio processor (APU)
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) hardware accelerator
  • AES and SHA256 algorithm hardware accelerators
  • Machine vision and hearing
  • Low power, better vision processing speed and accuracy
  • KPU high performance Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) hardware accelerator
  • FPC24P socket for DVP camera and 8-bit MCU LCD
  • Power amplifier IC for use with speakers
  • Microphone Array expansion board for sound localization, beam forming, speech recognition, etc.
  • Onboard high-speed DAC
  • On-board Wifi, adopt ESP8285 chip

Kit includes

  • 1 x Maixduino dev. board
  • 1 x GC0328 camera module
  • 1 x 2.4 inch TFT Display

Maixduino documentation

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners with Sipeed Maixduino



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