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Infrared Carbon Heating Film (160Watt/m²- 50x25cm)

LE 330.00

Heating films are a method of electric resistance heating, providing relatively low temperatures (compared to many conventional heating systems) over large areas. The generated heat from the heating film is emitted in the form of infrared radiation. It heats the objects in contact with it or within the radiation range.

Heating films are mainly used for underfloor and wall heating in houses. Heating foils are also used as a source of heat in industrial solutions where heating precision, heating time, heating area, uniform heating and flexibility of the radiator and safety of use is important.

The principle of work is based on Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC). the electrical resistance of the PTC materials will increase when the temperature of the material is raised, and resistance is reduced at lower temperature. This keeps the heating temperature almost constant without the need for outside control.


  • Voltage supply: 220V AC
  • Maximum surface temperature: 45 °C
  • Rated power: 160W/m2 (+/-10%)
  • Size: 50cm (width) x 25cm(or more-any length is available)
  • Infrared wave length: 8~15um
  • Thickness: 0.338mm


The width of the film is constant (50 cm), while you can choose the length (25cm, 50 cm, 75cm, 1m, 2m and so on).




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