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Gesture Recognition Sensor PAJ7620

Gesture Recognition Sensor PAJ7620

LE 390.00

This gesture sensor can recognize nine gestures, including moving Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, Clockwise, anti-clockwise, wave. This gesture sensor is based on PAJ7620 chip with I2C interface. It can be used to detect clockwise/counterclockwise rotation and movement directions.

The PAJ7620 hand gestures sensor, it permits your hand gestures to be detected by the Arduino board, and then you can use in medical applications or control lights, robots (cool stuff), HMI, games, using IR LED and optical CMOS array, it can detect up to 15 gestures. The gestures that can be detected are: right, left, up, down, forward, backward, clockwise, counter-lockwise and waving. Those are the basic 9 then you can add right-left, left-right, up-down, down-up, forward-backward, backward-forward.


  • Supply Voltage:  5 VDC
  • Connection type:  I2C
  • Detection distance: 10cm (maximum)
  • Gesture speed: 60°/S - 600°/S (normal mode); 60°/S - 1200°/S (game mode)
  • Ambient light immunity: <100k Lux
  • Dimensions: <30mm x 20mm 



PAJ7620 Gesture Recognition Sensor tutorial and Arduino code



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