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Future Electronics Egypt

Heat Shrink (10mm - 100cm)

Heat Shrink (10mm - 100cm)

LE 25.00

This is a good quality heat shrink. We have tested it ourself in future electronics Egypt (Arduino Egypt) and we found that it can withstand lighter fire without crack for really a long time.

  • Diameter:                                   10mm
  • Diameter After Shrink:              5mm

Material properties

  • Material:                                      Flexible Flame Retardant & Cross-Linked Polyolefin
  • Shrink Temperature:                  90°C
  • Operating Temperature:          -55°C ~ 125°C
  • Radial Shrinkage:                      50% Min
  • Longitudinal Shrinkage:           5 % Max
  • Tensile Strength:                       ≥10.4Mpa
  • Flammability:                             VW-1 (Vertical Flame Test Pass)


  • Insulation Protection and Bundling of Wire Terminals and Connectors
  • Insulation Protection of Soldering Points
  •  Capsulating of Electronic Components
  • Anticorrosion of Metal Components
  •  Color Coding



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