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High Temperature Kapton Tape (20mm Width- 30M Long)

High Temperature Kapton Tape (20mm Width- 30M Long)

LE 165.00

This is a high temperature resistant adhesive tape. This single sided tape consists of a Kapton polyimide film with a silicone adhesive, compatible with a wide temperature range. 

Kapton tape with silicone adhesive exhibits better adhesion to "difficult surfaces", but at the same time the high adhesive film bond greatly reduces adhesive transfer to leave a cleaner surface. This tape can be used in harsh environments and has a specified temperature use range is -75° to +260°C. The tape thickness is (0.07mm).

It has wide applications ranging from 3d printer extruder to etching and electronic circuits.


Temperature Range:     -75° : 260°C

Length:                           30 Meter

Width:                             2 cm

Thickness:                     0.07mm        



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