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RS-232 serial port optoelectronic isolator

RS-232 serial port optoelectronic isolator (Industrial Standard)

LE 235.00

UT-211 is a RS-232 serial port optoelectronic isolator. It adopts advanced optoelectronic isolation technology, maximally protects RS-232 serial interface devices from bad environment damage, such as ground loop circuit voltage, surge, lightning, ESD, hot-plug and electromagnetic interference, etc. The damage of RS-232 port is related to communication hardware. For example, device A connects device B with RS-232 port, if the voltage difference of ground line between A and B is up to 50V (usually up to 80V), RS-232 port will not be working normally.

The optoelectronic isolation technology is fully isolating the electrical devices and ground loop circuit on both ends; it converts the electrical signal to optic signal, then transmits the signal to another end, finally converts it back to electrical signal. This protects the communication device from ground loop circuit and surge interference, which greatly improve the reliability and stability of the communication system. It also absorbs in ESD and electromagnetic interference, so as to protect RS-232 port.

UT-211 gets widely application in point to point RS-232 communication system, Linux multi-user system, monitoring system, and ATM for power, insurance, telecommunications, railway, post office, finance, banking, securities and program control, etc.


  • Standards: RS-232 & CCITTV.24 asynchronous protocol
  • Connector: two DB9 on both sides
  • Transmission mode: asynchronous full-duplex, full transparent
  • Power: from RS-232(TXD, RTS or DTR)/span>
  • Isolated voltage: 2,500Vrms impulse or 500VDC
  • Baudrate: 300bps-57,600bps
  • Dimension: 62×34×18mm
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

Industrial RS-232 serial port optoelectronic isolator UT-211) datasheet

Industrial RS-232 serial port optoelectronic isolator UT-211) manual



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