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Infrared Wireless Control Kit (Remote + Reciever)

Infrared Wireless Control Kit (Remote + Reciever)

LE 15.00

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Product Description

Infrared remotes are still the cheapest way to wirelessly control a device. This kit includes IR transmitter and receiver which are compatible and work with each other. 

Each button in the IR transmitter has it own frequency and code (digital number). Once you press a button, it transmit that code and the infrared receiver will detect it. This way you can program your micro-controller or arduino to do a specific job when receiving certain code.

We have tested this kit in Future Electronics (Arduino Egypt) and write a nice arduino code as shown in our video below. In this video we have used the infrared remote control kit in controlling a 4 wheel drive robot.The detection range is about 8 meter (line of sight).




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