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Fingerprint Module R301T

Fingerprint Module R301T

LE 1,350.00

R301T is an optical fingerprint verification module with TTL interface. It has a large storage capacity up to 3000 Image. It works in different conditions of the fingers, whether the fingers dry, wet, light texture, or old. It works in a variety of applications such as access control, safety deposit boxes. It has many functions such as Fingerprint Sensor, fingerprint verification, fingerprint upload and download.

User can easily develop powerful fingerprint verification application systems based on the rich collection of controlling command provided by the module. The R301T can be easily used with Arduino, Tiva C, STM, raspberry,


  • Operating Voltage:                       4.2 : 6VDC 
  •  Search Time:                             <50 millisecond (very fast) 
  •  Scanning Speed:                       <0.2 second 
  •  Verification Speed:                   <0.3 second 
  • Effective window area:                 10 X 10 mm 
  •  User Storage Capacity:             3000 image 
  •  Interface Protocol:                       Standard UART serial interface TTL level) 
  •  Communication Baud Rate:        57600 bps (Default Value)

R301T fingerprint module user manual 

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