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Linear Shaft Chrome Plated (8mm x1M)

Linear Shaft Chrome Plated (8mm x1M)

LE 290.00

The chrome plated steel bar is used in conditions of high stress, friction and harsh conditions. Accordingly, the quality of the base metal and subsequent surface treatment are of paramount importance. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness, high yield strength and uniform quality are essential properties of chrome plated bars.

Chrome plated linear bars are generally produced from steel bars combining high strength with excellent machinability and weldability. Common applications are found in linear motion, automatic machinery, cnc machines, injection molding machine, agricultural machinery and production equipments.

Steel Grade According to Different Standards

Germany steel grades  (DIN standard):          CK45
Japanese steel grades (JIS standard):           S45C
American steel grades (AISI Standard):         1045


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