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3 Axis Digital Compass   ( HMC5883L)

3 Axis Digital Compass ( HMC5883L)

LE 80.00

This 3 axis digital compass is based on HMC5883L. Communication with the HMC5883L is simple and all done through an I2C interface.  Voltage of 2.16-3.6VDC should be supplied.


  • Simple I2C interface
  • 2.16-3.6VDC supply range
  • Low current draw
  • 5 milli-gauss resolution

Dimensions: 17.78x17.78mm

How to use compass with arduino?

Connect the compass as shown in figure below

Upload and run this arduino code, click here

Note: for the code above, the connections MUST be :

Arduino GND ---------> HMC5883L GND

Arduino 3.3V ---------> HMC5883L VCC

Arduino A4 (SDA) ---> HMC5883L SDA

Arduino A5 (SCL) ---> HMC5883L SCL



For another tutorial on how use triple axis digital compass, please click her

Watch how to use video below



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