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3D Printer Extruder Kit MK8 (Improved Design - Assembled with Motor)

3D Printer Extruder Kit MK8 (Improved Design - Assembled with Motor)

LE 540.00

Extruder is  the  most  important  component  for  3D   printer. The extruder is responsible of delivering the plastic material in smooth, continuous way at certain flow rate.  The   Key   to   printing   resolution   is   mostly   depending   on   the  Extruder.  

Based  on  MK8  extruder,  this is upgraded  third  generations   extruders. It is fully assembled with stepper motor. 

The material of Print: 1.75mm PLA/ABS 


The extruder assembly includes:

  1. Anti-heat ceramic fiber + heat resistance tape:   provide more consist heating and uniform thermal zone
  2. Extrusion Nozzle:    Super-fine CNC machined nozzle with more clearer nozzle wall  of 0.4mm hole permits more precise filament extruding without jamming.
  3. Heating block:  Fine machined aluminum heating block ensures better assembly and quality.
  4. Drive Gear:   Traditional filament drive gear cannot provide sufficient clamping strength. once the filament get uneven, the gear is jammed, no matter the filament is too thin or too thick. With the new MK8 drive gear with sharper teeth and bearing support, almost all filament can get through without jamming.
  5. Hot End Threaded Tube:    This hot end threaded pipe connect the filament to injection nozzle. The filament melt in this pipe and change from solid condition to liquid condition.
  6. Cartridge Heater:   40 watt @12V Military stage custom made reliable and heavy duty heater 
  7. Gear Housing:    POM gear housing drive system more durable and more precise
  8. Stepper Motor:  High quality stepper motor NEMA17, 5mm Shaft with precision threaded ACME rod.
  9. Cooling Fan 12v
  10. Machined Aluminum Heatsink
  11. Thermistor :NTC 100k 




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