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74HC155 (Dual 2-to-4-line Decoders/demultiplexers)

74HC155 (Dual 2-to-4-line Decoders/demultiplexers)

LE 12.00


This circuit features dual 1-line-to-4-line demultiplexer with individual strobes and common binary-address input. When both sections are enabled by the strobes, the common binary-address inputs sequentially select and route associated input data to the appropriate output of each section. The individual strobes permit activating or inhibiting each of the 4-bit sections as desired. Data applied to input 1C is inverted through its outputs. The inverter following the 1C data input permits use a 3-to-8-line decoder or 1-to-8line demultiplexer without external gating.

Current - Output High, Low: 5.2mA, 5.2mA.
Voltage Supply Source : Single Supply.
Voltage - Supply: 2V ~ 6V.
Package / Case: 16-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm).

74HC155 datasheet



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