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AD7606 Data Acquisition Module (16Bit ADC - 8 Ch) 200Ksps

AD7606 Data Acquisition Module (16Bit ADC - 8 Ch) 200Ksps

LE 1,150.00

The AD7606 is 16 bit ADC with 8 Bipolar channels (Each channel has its own ground, and can measure both positive and negative signals). It has Sample and Hold components for each channel, and individual filter for each channel. It also has a shared digital filter.

The AD7606 can be configured to work in 3 different modes. 16 bit parallel, 8 bit parallel, and Serial. By default, it is comes configured for 16 bit parallel mode. The measuring range and oversampling parameters are controlled by external IO. The sampling rate is controlled by the pulse frequency provided by the MCU (Arduino, esp32, FPGA, RPI, Teensy). AD7606 must use a single 5V power supply. The communication interface level between AD7606 and MCU is controlled by the VIO pin. 


  • ADC Bit rate: 16 Bit
  • Channels: 8 Channels 
  • Sampling frequency: 200Ksps
  • Built-in benchmark
  • Voltage Supply: 5V
  • Interface: SPI or 16-bit bus interface

AD7606 datasheet

Detailed instructables on how to use AD7606 in 16 bit parallel mode with Arduino Mega



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