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AD7793 (24-bit ADC Low Noise Amplifier)

AD7793 (24-bit ADC Low Noise Amplifier)

LE 470.00

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The AD7793 is low power, low noise, 24-bit ADC amplifier. It is powerful device for high precision measurement applications. The AD7793 contains a low noise 24-bit ADC with programmable gain. The on-chip, low noise instrumentation amplifier means that signals of small amplitude can be interfaced directly to the ADC.

The devices can be operated with either the internal clock or an external clock. The output data rate is software programmable and can be varied from 4.17 Hz to 470 Hz. The ADC module operating voltage ranges from 2.7 V to 5.25 V.


  • Supply Voltage: 2.7V to 5.25V
  • Up to 24-Bit Effective Resolution
  • RMS Noise: 40nv (4.17Hz); 85nv (16.7)
  • Low Noise Programmable Gain
  • Update Rate: 470Hz to 4.17Hz
  • Internal Clock Oscillator


  • Thermocouple Measurements
  • RTD Measurements
  • The Thermistor Measurements
  • Industrial Process Control 
  • Instrumentation
  • High - quality, Medical Testing

    AD7793 24-bit ADC datasheet

    AD7793 Arduino code and connection




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