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Arcade Joystick

Arcade Joystick

LE 320.00

This heavy duty 8/4-way joystick invites you to play with it. Heavy duty design gives this joystick a great feel! 

This joystick uses 4 snap microswitches so it's good if you want a directional control 

By default the joystick is set up to be 8-way (that is, includes 'diagonals') but you can easily rotate the bottom plate to make it 4-way (no 'diagonals', good for games like Pac-man that require a 4-way joystick)


  • ABS plastic and solid alloy construction
  • Uses 4 microswitches to detect on/off position
  • Unique handle design
  • Spring return to center
  • Very rugged construction


  • Overall height: 101mm
  • Base: 97x65mm
  • Joystick height: 60mm

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