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GM65 QR and Barcode Scanner (1D - 2D Barcode)

GM65 QR and Barcode Scanner (1D - 2D Barcode)

LE 3,400.00

GM65 qr and barcode scanner support all common 1D barcodes and common 2D codes. Also can directly read barcode from the phone screen. The barcode and qr scanner has both USB and UART TTL interface, so it can be used directly with computer or it can be used in embedded projects with Arduino, stm32 or any other microcontroller. The value read by the GM65 module can be directly displayed on a text file such as Notepad.

This GM65 code scanner module can accurately read the barcode or QR code on paper or screen at high speed (about 1s) even in poor light environment. This module can be easily embedded into multi-medium barcode scanning equipment, including self-service vending machine, subway gate machine, access control, payment machine, etc.


  • Interface: USB, UART
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Ambient light: Ambient light: 0~86,000 lux
  • Reading angle: rotating 360 °, Deflection ± 60 °, Tilt ± 65°
  • Scanning angle: 34 ° (horizontal) 26 ° (vertical)
  • Resolution: ≥ 0. 1mm (4mil)
  • Dimension: 21.4mm x 13.5mm x 11.1mm


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