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STM32F411 Black Pill Development Board V3.1

STM32F411 Black Pill Development Board V3.1

LE 460.00

This Black pill development board from Weact based on the STM32F411 is for more serious users. It adds a powerful STM32 microcontroller to your next project. Featuring the STM32F411CEU6, this chip has 512 KB of flash, 128 KB of SRAM, and runs at 100 MHz. The development board itself has multiple UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, and timer pinout.

We recommend pairing with our ST-Link programmer and debugger if you want to use a debugger. Thanks to the STM bootloader in ROM, you don't need a programmer to load binary firmware on.


  • STM32F411CEU6 100Mhz, 128Kb RAM, 512Kb ROM
  • 25Mhz high speed crystal oscillator & 32.768Khz 6PF low speed crystal oscillator
  • USB C interface is used, and a diode is serial to prevent power backflow
  • 3.3V-5V power input

Pin-out and Keys

  • USART x 3, I2C x 3, SPI x 5,USBFS x 1
  • ADC x 1(10),I2S x 5,CRC x 1,TIM x 8
  • 20 Pin 2.54mm pitch I/O interface x 2
  • 4 Pin 2.54mm pitch SW debug interface x 1
  • USB C (Type C) interface x 1
  • Key (PA0) x 1
  • Reset key NRST x 1
  • Boot0 key x 1

Github STM32F411 Black Pill Development Board V3.1 documentation



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