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Boost Step-up Power Module DC 4.2V- 6V to  600KV

Boost Step-up Power Module DC 4.2V- 6V to 600KV

LE 155.00

This Boost Step-up Power Module can release high-voltage pulse output with simple external circuit power supply.

This high voltage generator can produce 1000kV high voltage from The input voltage of dc 3V to 6V.

It can be used for negative-ion generator, electronic instrument, and science experiment. The peripheral circuit is simple, simply connect the switch and battery, and the discharge intensity is great.


  • input voltage: DC 4.2V : 6V.
  • Input Current: 2A~5A (related to voltage).
  • High voltage type: pulse DC type.
  • Output voltage: 600000 v (600 kV)
  • Input Wire Length: 10cm (Red positive Green negative).
  • Output Wire Length: 10cm.
  • Arc Discharge Distance: 10mm~20mm.
  • Size: 88x26mm
  • عازل ابيض اصلي 



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