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Buzzer 5V

Buzzer 5V

LE 10.00

This is a round buzzer that operates around the audible 2kHz range. You can drive it directly from a 5V PIC or arduino to generate the tones.

Resonant Frequency:    2300 +/- 300 HZ

Rated Voltage: 5V

Voltage range:  4 : 8 V

Rated Current:  30 ma

Min Sound output at 10 cm:  85 dB


How to connect with Arduino up

Connect one side to ground, and the other side to one of the digital pins on your Arduino via a 100 Ohm resistor. Using the tone() function will make the buzzer sound. Example code is below:

Example code

void setup() {

    pinMode(8, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

    tone(8, 2093, 4);







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