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RGB Color Sensor with IR filter and White LED - TCS34725

RGB Color Sensor with IR filter and White LED - TCS34725

LE 390.00

This RGB color sensor module is based on the TCS34725 sensor chip made by TAOS. The module is designed by Adafruit who Called it (the best color sensor in the market). This is much confirmed by our own testing and experiments in future Electronics Egypt lab. 

The TCS34725 color sensor module measures color based on an RGB color model (red, green, blue). Almost any color in the visible spectrum can be created using combination of different percentages these three colors. Simply, the white led light source on the sensor module project the light on the target object. The TCS3472 sensor detects and provides a digital return of red, green, blue (RGB), which can combine to form the true sensed color. 

The accuracy of color measurements of TCS3472 color sensor is much improved due the IR block filter which block the IR spectrum from reaching the sensor and only passes the visible spectrum. Since the human eyes cannot see the IR spectrum, this makes the color measurements very close to the true color detected by human eyes.

The TCS3472 color sensor is able to measure any of the following quantities (refer to photos below):

  • RED, GREEN and BLUE (filtered) values.
  • Color Temperature - measured in Kelvin.
  • Lux - or Lumens per Square Meter.


  • Supply voltage (3V to 5.5V).
  • I2C connection.
  • IR block filter.
  • Red, Green, Blue (RGB), and Clear Light Sensing.

RGB color sensor principle of operation


example of the color measurements made by the RGB color sensor

TCS34725 Datasheet.

Detailed tutorial from Adafruit on how to use the TCS34725 with arduino including example code and wiring .

For specialists and professionals here is great report on the RGB colors basics and advanced methods. 




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